Motor oil essentially lubricates the moving parts in an engine and keeps components functioning smoothly by decreasing friction and wear. Even a well-lubricated engine generates a significant amount of heat that would lead your engine to quickly fail and overheat without motor oil. So, motor oil draws heat away from various components, and helps in keeping the engine working at the ideal temperature. It is also noted that the importance for and demand for engine oil has increased over time where research shows that the global automotive engine oil market size was valued at USD 36.49 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 45.66 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 2.88% during the forecast period.

Does failing to change your motor oil damage your engine?

Of course, it does! When your engine runs out of oil, the parts begin to grind together and the engine seizes and eventually stops, which may result in extremely difficult damage, if not impossible to repair. This is why you should change motor oil frequently.

Selecting the proper oil for your car is not yet over with many motor oil types available. While there is a lot of knowledge available regarding the various oil options, the initial step is quite simple: Examine the owner’s manual for your vehicle.

Regular oil changes will help to remove impurities that have accumulated over time and extend the life of your engine, making it a beneficial purchase that should not be ignored.

Every engine requires a proper oil function. In reality, oil is a necessary component of an engine.

Frequent oil changes result in longer engine life:

Motor oil is your vehicle’s lifeline!

It greases your engine and protects many of the essential elements from damage. The issue is that oil becomes unclean. By changing your oil and filter according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, you will keep your engine clean and protected while saving time, money, and stress.

Thus, a regular oil change is an investment that will help and ensure you to drive your vehicle for many years to come.

What happens if you don’t change the oil for a long period of time?

You may even feel pressured for a time to change the oil. You could go another several hundred miles without changing oil, right? What could go wrong?

Delaying or avoiding your oil change might have devastating effects.

Of course, numerous components of the car may need to be checked and repaired from time to time, but nothing compares to the importance of routine oil change service to total vehicle maintenance. During an oil change, the old and dirty oil in a vehicle’s engine is removed and replaced with new, clean oil. At this time, you should also change your oil filter.

How frequently should the oil be changed?

The frequency to replace your motor oil is determined by the model of your vehicle, year, and other factors. Oil change schedules for older cars are often dependent on mileage, and maintenance programs are based on the number of miles traveled per year. These maintenance are classified as regular service and severe service. And you should remember that not all engine oils are equal. It is critical to select oil that is appropriate for your vehicle and local climate conditions to gain all of its benefits.

Best motor oils for the lifeline of your vehicle:

Mobil 1 Extended Performance:

For decades, Mobil 1 has been the factory-fill choice for high-performance engines due to its detergent properties and industry standard for synthetic motor oils.

The extended performance formulation is designed to protect for up to 20,000 miles and prices are gradually dropped as the product has grown in popularity.

Under ideal driving circumstances, it is the top pick for the best overall value among engine oils.

Castrol GTX:

Some engines are better at working with conventional oils. Older vehicles or engines that have been running on conventional oil for hundreds of thousands of miles may require and be included in conventional oils to prevent leaking seals. Castrol GTX is high-quality conventional oil that maintains older engines healthy and prevents premature fouling of spark plugs when they enter the combustion chamber.

Shell Rotella T6 Diesel Engine Oil:

Diesel engines sometimes work harder and for longer periods than gasoline engines, whether it’s a truck pulling a heavy weight or a long-range diesel automobile traveling for hours on end without stopping. Extended heat cycles, longer service intervals, and the high cost of a diesel oil change all make it critical to select high-quality oil. Shell Rotella has a higher pour point than some other oils, indicating that it is less likely to leak from worn seals or older engines.

Quaker State Synthetic Blend:

Quaker State manufactures a synthetic blend that is less expensive than conventional oils for engine flushes or other instances where cost is a significant consideration.

Quaker State is a well-known brand with consistent quality control standards and it is a staple in many vehicle dealers’ oil change promotions.

It responds to temperature fluctuations with more consistent viscosity changes than conventional oil also suitable for climates with moderate temperatures.

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