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The Warranty Policy and Standard Trade Practice for automotive parts:

Welcome to Orange Autoparts, your trusted auto store for quality automotive parts. Please review our comprehensive warranty policy and standard trade practices before making a purchase:

1. Warranty Coverage

At Eautomarket, we take pride in providing top-notch parts. All components you purchase from your preferred auto store come with a warranty of 3-5 years from the original date of delivery, ensuring your peace of mind under normal driving conditions. Our warranty guarantees the replacement or repair of any defective parts before considering a refund.

2. Labor Reimbursement

It’s essential to note that we do not offer reimbursement for labor costs under any circumstances.

3. Returns and Restocking Fee

In the event of a return or order refusal, your dedicated auto store charges a standard 20% restocking fee, in addition to freight charges for both inbound and outbound shipments.

4. Damage Claims Process

When receiving your engine or transmission, if you observe any damage, it’s crucial to document these issues on the Bill of Lading or delivery receipt provided by the freight company. Failure to do so will regrettably result in the voiding of any potential refund claims.

5. Turbo or Supercharge

We want to clarify that the terms “Turbo” or “Supercharge” refer exclusively to engine accessories and are sold separately from the primary engine unit at your trusted auto store.

6. Core Returns

For core returns, please ensure that they are sent back within 20 days from the original date of delivery. Beyond this timeframe, the core charge will not be refunded.

7. Disassembly and Warranty Void

Disassembling the engine, transmission, or any part for any reason will, unfortunately, void the warranty. Should you receive a unit with defects or broken parts, you have a generous 15-day window from the original delivery date to initiate shipping and return the unit. Failing to do so will result in the warranty being voided, with no refund available.

8. Engine Warranty Details

Rest assured that our engines are guaranteed against rod knock, cracked blocks, and excessive smoking for 60 days from the date of delivery. Please note that additional parts attached to the long blocks are not warranted, and any required headwork becomes the customer’s responsibility.

9. Mileage Certification

Your trusted auto store would like to inform you that mileage is not certified on any used parts.

10. Credit Card Purchases

When using a credit card to purchase an Engine or Transmission, please understand that your signature on this agreement is binding, and it forfeits any rights to dispute the charge.

11. Transmission Warranty

Transmissions are guaranteed to function correctly at the time of purchase. However, it’s important to note that shearing or breaking of teeth in standard transmissions is not warranted under any circumstances. Customers must replace all seals and fluids, with the warranty excluding seals.

12. Ordering Responsibility

Customers are responsible for ordering the correct part. Returns are not accepted for incorrect orders or if the customer no longer needs the part.

Engine Installation Checklist

To ensure the validity of your warranty, please follow these essential steps before/during installation:

  • Drain and replace engine oils to manufacturer-suggested levels.
  • Replace oil, air, and fuel filters.
  • Replace valve cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets, rear main seals, timing gears, chains or belts, thermostat, and gaskets.
  • Flush the cooling system and refill it to the proper level.
  • Install new spark plugs, wires, belts, and hoses.

Failure to provide proof of these steps will unfortunately void the warranty provided by your dedicated auto store.

Transmission Installation Guidance

For proper transmission installation, please adhere to these guidelines:

  • Regularly flush the transmission cooler.
  • Inspect the flex plate, driveshaft, and converter before installation.
  • Ensure the converter is correctly installed.
  • Verify shifter adjustment.
  • Confirm that transmission cooler lines are not kinked.
  • Refrain from using Teflon tape on cooler fittings.
  • Properly fill transmission fluid and avoid overfilling.
  • Re-torque oil pan bolts.
  • Run the transmission with care.
  • Replace the transmission filter after initial use.
Warranty Rate Card
30 Days Free Regular warranty
6 months $100.00
1 Year $150.00
2 Years $200.00
3 Years $250.00
4 Years $275.00
5 Years $350.00
Labor Warranty Rate Card
First 30K Miles $200.00
First 50K Miles $400.00

Kindly remember that to claim your warranty, you must possess an Eautomarket warranty certificate for approval. Your satisfaction and the quality of our parts are our top priorities. Thank you for choosing Eautomarket, your dependable auto store, for all your automotive needs.

Last updated: 03-10-2023

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