The disruption of the global supply chain is wrecking havoc on U.S. auto parts suppliers and garages.

If you think the pandemic sucker punched the global supply chain, and guess what? the Ukraine war superman punched it to its bare knees. This whole bunch of global dilemma is shaping up to the greatest supply chain challenge ever posed on US auto parts market.

Millions of American automobile owners and auto parts buyers are in deep agony due to the rising shortage of auto parts in and around US. And if you are one among them, let me tell you there are reasons to worry. Let’s see what went wrong and how to solve it.

Covid-19 and the change in customer behavior

The novel Corona virus and its numerous variants had a bunch of dreadful effects on the world economy. All the rising prices and the deplorable state of public health and personal finances brought about substantial change in the consumer’s buying patterns.

So it’s more than obvious that during a critical time like this, purchasing a car is the least of people’s worries. This led to a huge decline in the sales of new vehicles to some shocking numbers.

Now with consumers backing out and choosing to keep their new vehicles isn’t free of challenges. With old vehicles demanding lot of repairs, the need for auto parts rose to staggering proportions. But the market wasn’t able to meet the demands due to lack of supply so the cars are getting stuck in garages for weeks.


As we speak, $500 billion auto-parts and repair industry is facing a crisis of the ages, along with Covid-19, something else is adding fuel to the fire, the Ukraine war.

Ukraine war and the supply chain crisis

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shocked the global economic landscape to an unimaginable proportion. This onset has brought a sudden halt in the auto parts industry, disrupting the global supply chain network, causing adverse impacts on American buyers.

All this coupled with USA’s trade wars with China, the prime auto-parts supplier, isn’t helping the bonnie situation in any way either.

This supply chain crisis is becoming a major threat for the whole United States auto-parts sector; hear me, every day it’s getting harder even to locate auto parts as basic as oil filter or carpeting.

Every garage is struggling along with the warehouses, retail companies and corner garages, with the lowest level of in-stock in history. This bonnie situation has become explosive and we need our own Mr. Wolf to handle this pronto.


E-Auto market, the ray of hope

“I’m Winston Wolfe. I solve Problems.”

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