What are Car Struts? 

A knee assembly or a Strut assembly is typically a structural feature of a car that is present in the lower portion of the dashboard. In simple terms, this important component is present directly in front of the driver’s seat.

It is a known fact how essential car suspension is, the car struts are a whole unit of suspension. The function of the car struts is to support the steering column, the instrument panel, and all the other significant parts in a car or any other four-wheeled vehicle and even motorcycles.

Most commonly made of metal or plastic, a car strut is designed to provide stability, endurance, and strength to the dashboard while it also, very importantly, protects the driver’s legs from accidents involving collisions by lessening the impact it causes. It also acts as the mounting point for other mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle such as the parking brake, the accelerator pedal, and the brake pedal. 

A knee assembly is typically bigger for cars, trucks, and buses compared to car struts for motorbikes but the purpose it serves is the same regardless of its size. Likewise, in the former, it is complex while it is simplified in the latter. 

Car struts are commonly located between the driver’s seat and the vehicle’s firewall, and it is attached to the vehicle’s frame or chassis using bolts or rivets. It is a crucial component of the car’s overall structural integrity, and it plays a vital role in protecting the occupants of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

In addition to its safety functions, the knee assembly also adds to the overall aesthetics of the vehicle’s interior look and feel. Many manufacturers offer different designs and finish to match the overall look and feel of the car’s interior. Not only is it important for the safety and the aesthetics of the vehicle but also promises comfort. 

Why Should You Have a Shock Absorber Car? 

It is important to know that not all vehicles possess car struts but most vehicles do. Cars or other vehicles which have less space due to their compact design do not have a strut assembly. Vehicles that run on electricity or are built using a completely different design also may not have a strut assembly. In case of the absence of car struts, the manufacturer will have to design alternatives to protect and secure the dashboard and other components. 

There are myriad of benefits of a knee or strut assembly but the primary reason you should choose a vehicle that has a car strut is that it ensures your safety and has a positive impact on your overall health. 

Benefits of Using a Car with a Car Suspension System :


This is the most commonly discussed and listed benefits of carstruts. In case of a collision, irrespective of the amount of its force, a knee/strut assembly supports the driver’s legs by distributing the force throughout the vehicle through the coil springs present in its structure, thereby reducing the impact it has on the driver’s body. This prevents injury or even death in serious cases. 

Impact Absorption that Reduces Car Shocks 

This is in line with the previous point which discusses how car struts absorb car shocks and disperses the force throughout. This impact absorption applies not only to the individual in the driver’s seat but also to the other occupants in event of a crash. 

Strength and Stability 


car struts


The knee assembly’s primary function is to protect the dashboard from falling apart or warping in case of a crash. This makes it an essential component that supports the strength and stability of the dashboard and also prevents the occupants of the vehicle from injury. 


Car struts are made of high-quality plastic or metal which makes it strong and enduring. This makes it ideal for long-lasting performance by withstanding the rigors of everyday use. 

Space Utilization

The position of car struts is crucial as it is located between the vehicle’s firewall and the driver’s seat. This makes car struts efficient in terms of space utilization as it saves space in the interior of the vehicle, making it comfortable for the driver. 

Easy Maintenance

The car strut promises ease of use. It is easy to access, maintain and clean which makes it simple to repair and replace. 

Easy access 

Since car struts essentially serve as the mounting point for important components of the vehicle such as the brake pedal and the accelerator pedal, it keeps these accessible for the driver, making driving a less complicated activity. 


The car struts plays a crucial role in appealing to one’s eyes as its location and design add to the aesthetics of the vehicle. Manufacturers offer to mold the design of car struts in such a way that it matches the design and look of the vehicle. 

Health benefits of car struts

The car struts health benefits primarily focus on improved posture, circulation, and knee mobility. The alignment of your knee reduces the strain on your lower back which ensures improved posture. Since your knees are aligned properly by the car struts, the blood circulates evenly throughout your body, reducing the risks of blood clot formation and other complications. All these factors support and enhance the flexibility in knees promoting better mobility, reducing knee pain, and hence keeping Arthritis and knee stiffness at bay. 

Apart from this, car struts ensures comfort and reduces fatigue while driving for long hours. Car struts make sure that the stability and natural strength of your knees are not compromised and promises a healthy and comfortable driving experience in the long run. 

Besides the benefits, it is necessary to note the average cost of a knee assembly. The cost of car struts can vary depending on many factors such as the model and design of the vehicle, the location of the manufacturers or suppliers, and the condition of the car struts. On average, a knee assembly for a car can cost from $300 to $800. For luxury vehicles, the cost varies between $800 and $1500 and for used or recycled strut assemblies they are generally less expensive and can cost anywhere from $150 to $500, depending on the condition and age of the assembly in addition to its model. 

Which is best? Used car strut or recycled car struts?

You can use a used or recycled car strut but it is important to check the condition of the car strut, its age, and whether all components are present and the assembly is not damaged in any way. You can also approach a professional mechanic to help you check the car struts, install it and ensure that it works fine. 

Used car strut assemblies are procured from vehicles that are sold for parts and are scrapped. The chances of a higher amount of wear and tear are high in this case but the car strut should be in good working condition. Below are the parts that typically come with a used Car strut: 

1.Knee joint: This is the main component of the car strut that facilitates movement and articulation of the knees.

2.Ligaments: These are strong, fibrous bands that connect the bones in the knee and give stability to the joint.

3.Patella: This is a small bone-like structure that sits in front of the knee joint and helps to protect the joint. It is also known as the kneecap. 

4.Meniscus: These are two C-shaped pads of cartilage that provide cushioning and stability to the knee joint.

5.Tendons: These are fibrous cords that connect the muscles of the leg to the bones of the knee and help in movement. 

6.Synovial fluid: This is a lubricating fluid that helps reduce friction in the knees. 

7.Strut mount: This attaches the car struts to the vehicle’s frame or body.

8.Bushing: It is a component that helps to reduce friction and vibration between the strut and the vehicle’s frame or body.


A recycled knee assembly is taken from a salvaged vehicle, however, they are inspected, cleaned, and in some cases even repaired before being sold. They may have a minute, insignificant damages that don’t affect their purpose and performance and are mostly in good working condition. Below are the parts that are included in recycled car struts: 

Almost all parts that are mentioned in the above list for the used knee assembly apply to the recycled knee assembly as well. 

Do you need Shocks and Struts Replacement? 

It is very important to understand that the knee assembly is a key structural component in your vehicle and this makes it mandatory for you to check time and again whether your car struts are in a good condition and whether it needs shocks and struts replacement or repair etc.

You have to be on the lookout for symptoms like loss of control or stability of your vehicle, unusually worn tires, bouncing tires, or the front diving more during emergency brakes and leaking oil or fluids on the exterior of your vehicle. These are the signs that indicate you need to change your struts. It is necessary to do it as soon as you can as your ignorance towards these symptoms can lead to terrible consequences. 

In the larger scheme of things, when you purchase a vehicle the first thing you should be looking for in it is a knee assembly or if the car suspension system has good struts. Not only does this save you and your vehicle from the dangers of the road, but it is also healthy as it protects your knees. Despite so many advantages, knee assemblies can also be complex and at times difficult to troubleshoot. 


In case you need to troubleshoot your car struts, you need to first identify and determine what the problem is and look for error codes in your vehicle. Most vehicles have a diagnostic system that can warn you in case of any defects using error codes. To test your car struts apply some pressure on it while you observe their movement.


 And finally, you need to consult a service manual to find a solution or you can get it checked by a professional mechanic or your service provider to decide whether you need a replacement or a repair. Your car and your body, both deserve the best care. A fit vehicle equals a fit you. If you are looking for the ultimate place to look for the perfect car strut for a long-lasting journey, visit Eautomarket’s page where you find strut assembly for every vehicle and every brand.