Hey Car lovers!!

You are passionate about your car and always want your car to be in the best condition. I’m sure you would have heard advice from others and searched a lot about cars and taking care of your car. But it is essential to know the myths and facts. False information spreads faster than the truth. In today’s world, with the internet at our fingertips, we are able to access any information on cars. This means that you should be aware of the myths as well.

“Know the facts and the fiction”

10 common myths and their realities!

You Need to Warm Up Your Engine

You would have been told to warm up your car before driving especially on a cold day. But automotive technology advances state that modern vehicles no longer need to idle before driving. It is a waste of gas and unnecessary idling in cold weather will cause your engine’s moving parts to wear out faster, requiring more frequent repairs. Idling does help in defrosting the car but a better way is to have good winter gear to keep you warm when you get into a cold car and invest in a good ice scraper to clean your windows without the help of a defroster.

Turning on the engine consumes more fuel than idling

Many people think that starting the engine consumes more fuel than idling, but modern cars automatically stop the engine when it is stationary and you don’t have to worry about turning off the engine. Experts say that letting a car idle for more than 10 seconds wastes more fuel.

You should change the oil regularly

This myth is no longer true. Though regular oil change won’t hurt your car, mandatory change for every 5,000km is not required. With modern synthetic engine oils, modern cars require less frequent changes and can be driven 10,000 to 20,000 km before needing an oil change.

Performance chips will damage your engine

Performance Chips will not hurt or damage your engine, it actually will increase the horsepower. The power that is produced is primarily increased by optimizing the air-fuel ratio and ignition timing. In fact, performance chips greatly help in protecting your engine from damage.

Open windows are less fuel efficient than air conditioning

There is a myth that air conditioning is better than lowering windows because lowering windows creates more wind resistance and reduces a vehicle’s aerodynamics. It maybe good for people who enjoy air conditioning, but car air conditioning consumes more fuel than open windows.

Premium fuel gives better Performance

Many believe that premium gasoline improves engine performance, but it is not purer or cleaner than the regular gasoline that you fill. This gas is needed only for cars that require less combustible fuels and it isn’t required for a normal car. You can find out if your car needs premium fuel by reading your owner’s manual. If your car’s engine requires a higher octane rating, then you should use Premium. Otherwise, this expensive fuel is just a waste of money.

Larger cars are safer for you

It’s easy to believe this myth as it seems perfectly sensible that larger cars are much safer than smaller cars, but right now it seems that the size and weight of a car aren’t everything when it comes to crash safety. Safety features built into modern cars are a top priority, meaning a well-equipped small car can offer better protection in the event of an accident. When you strip the car of safety features and look only at the weight and size, it becomes a biased and dangerous decision.

Manual car is more fuel-efficient than Automatic car

You will be misled by this myth as it was true when automatic transmissions were new, but no longer. With technological advances, especially with continuously variable transmission (CVT) technology, most cars have more gears than modern manual transmissions. This means that additional gears can produce more power and save fuel at lower engine speeds.

You will get more fuel in the Morning

Some people believe that the colder the morning air, the more dense the fuel. But the truth is that the gas gets denser when it gets colder. However, gasoline is stored in underground temperature-controlled tanks. This means that you always get the same quality gasoline every time you visit a gas station, and the gas temperature does not change with climate change.

You can chill out when on Cruise Control

Cruise control is a feature that allows you to maintain a constant speed without using the accelerator or brakes and relaxes you, especially on long trips. But even if the cruise control keeps the vehicle at a constant speed, it doesn’t mean that you can be distracted. Serious consequences can occur if the vehicle in front makes an emergency stop or if someone crosses the road. So, don’t rely on this myth, and be conscientious when you drive.

All these myths have affected many people and their cars to a large extent. Be a rational and knowledgeable car enthusiast with these debunked myths and share these truths with others. Debunking these car myths can greatly save you and your car over the years.