Hey, is your car having any mechanical or technical issues?

You would need a skilled mechanic to diagnose your car’s problem accurately and solve it quickly. Though some car repairs are easy to do by yourself, some problems are too complicated and require special tools, so you will definitely need a trained Mechanic’s assistance.

According to IBIS World, In the US currently, there are 278,075 Auto Mechanic businesses with a growth of 1.3% in 2022 from 2021and it is essential to choose the best from the lot for your car. Choosing a mechanic for your car is not an easy decision to be made. When you hand your car over to a mechanic, you want your car to be in the best hands. You need to develop a personal relationship with your mechanic based on trust and mutual respect which includes a clear observation of the mechanic shop and asking the following important questions to the mechanic.These questions will help you discover the quality of the mechanic and the service that your car deserves.

“Your best car deserves the best Mechanic”

What is the problem with my car?

The first and foremost question to ask the mechanic is about the nature and cause of the problem in your car. A good mechanic will explain the problem of your car and provide you with repair options. Most car problems have multiple solutions, but some mechanisms may lead you to the most expensive method by not fully explaining other options. Follow it up with asking the mechanic about each of the repair options and to explain them clearly, thereby you will be able to choose the finest mechanics that will provide you with a cost-effective and efficient service.

Have you ever worked on a car model like mine?

When choosing a mechanic, first make sure the mechanic has experience in repairing similar makes and models of cars as some cars, like diesel trucks, may require special attention. You definitely need a professional who knows the make and model and can properly diagnose and repair your car, especially if it requires special maintenance. Ensuring the mechanic you choose has experience with cars like yours will give you a good experience.

Do you have an ASE certificate?

Reputable technicians are accredited by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). ASE is a certification program for automotive professionals that validates their knowledge and skills in automotive repair and maintenance. ASE Certified Technicians have demonstrated expertise and experience in their field and are retested every five years to ensure that they are aware and appropriate for the industry’s ever-changing technology. If the technician doesn’t have their ASE certification, check to see if the mechanic has other third-party and manufacturer training certifications.

Do you provide an estimate in advance?

Before doing any work on the car, check if the mechanic will provide an estimate. You need to make sure in advance that you can get an estimate before wasting money. Request for a written estimate to better understand what work will be done and how much it will cost. Estimates should include a breakdown of anticipated parts and labor costs, and other anticipated miscellaneous expenses. Also, make sure that you are informed before undertaking any additional or unexpected expenses for the requirement of extra parts. The most important thing to note here is that the estimate is just an approximate and the mechanic can’t give you an accurate figure without checking the car first. So, get a trusted mechanic that will give you correct estimates and complete information about the repair.

Do you issue warranties?

Though professional car mechanics provide good service, the auto parts are far from perfect. There is a possibility that the mechanic does his job right, but the car parts fail. Many repair shops combat this situation by giving warranties for their parts and services, up to a certain limit. You then wouldn’t have to pay the full amount again if and when you take your car back to the repair shop. Repair service guarantee is one of the most important questions to ask when you are choosing a mechanic. Make sure you ask for detailed information about the warranty, in advance. Also, ask for a written invoice that provides you the detailed information about the payment for your car repair.

How long have you been in this business?

An efficient mechanic comes with good training and experience, so asking the mechanic how long they have been in the Auto mechanic business is an important factor when choosing a mechanic. The best and most reputable mechanics will have a long track record, lots of happy customers, great customer reviews, and a wealth of experience to back up their claims. Choosing an experienced mechanic shop and mechanic will ensure the best service for your car.

Can you give me a maintenance schedule?

Finally, you can know whether you have chosen a good mechanic by asking for a maintenance schedule because any good mechanic wants not only to return your car in top condition but to help in keeping it in top condition. Ask the mechanic for the maintenance schedule and compare it to the manufacturer’s recommendations for your car’s manual. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and prevent your car from frequent repairs.

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